The ancient name of Kassandra was Flegra, which means "Land of fire". It is believed that it was the homeland of the Giants and the field of battle in the war between the Gods of Olympos and the Giants, during which the Giants tried to throw the Gods out of mount Olympos. According to a legend, Engelados, one of the Giants, was buried under a rock which was thrown at him by the Gods of Olympos. In that way, the giant called "Engelados-Sismos" (earthquake), is buried in Kassandra. Nevertheless, since he is still alive, he tries to get rid of the rock over him and his efforts cause earthquakes. All these legends, of course are not irrelevant to the geological phenomena which occur in Kassandra, as it is situated in the center of the peninsula, choked with the steam of hot sulphur coming out of the ground in Agia Paraskevi.

At the other end of Halkidiki, the peninsula of Athos was named after the giant Atho, who threw the peninsula at the Gods as if it had been a small stone, during a battle. On the other hand, Sithonia was named after Sithon, son of Neptune.

Kassandra is the peninsula situated in the west part of Halkidiki. It is one of the most famous places in Halkidiki with special attractions, having to show a lot concerning the cultural and tourist section.

It is really a paradise, with endless sandy beaches and breathtaking areas covered with pine trees which reach down to the blue-green sea. The picturesque scenery looks as if nobody has ever set foot on that unspoilt land, with the dense vegetation and the crystal clear water.

During your stay in Kassandra you should visit the cave "Kokines Petres" (Red Rocks) in Petralona, an area famous for its palaeontological finds which is also a place  of extreme beauty. You can also visit the ruins of the castle and the canal in Nea Potidea.

Don't miss to visit Kassandrino, a peaceful paradisiac site, ideal for those who seek peace and quiet surroundings of extreme natural beauty.

The peninsula of Kassandra as a whole is a magic place, ideal for vacations, since it offers a unique, revitalizing climate, clear and healthy waters, and resorts along the whole shore. No wonder why it is known as "The Paradise on Earth" of Greece.

Chalkidiki-Mount Ahtos

Agion Oros is the third and the most east peninsula of Chalkidiki. It has 50km length and 5-10km width. It is highland and includes the line of Athos (the highest crown: 2.033km)

Agion Oros is a self-administered part of Greece and the administration is the Holy Community. The Holy Community consists of 20 representatives of the monasteries and is based at Karies, the capital of the peninsula. Karies is on the center of the peninsula and has buildings of great architecture, such as The Church of Protato with the wonderful frescos, built at the 10th century and the old traditional bi-level houses.

The most interesting scene and at the same time one of the most beautiful of Greece is the one that is created by a combination of the unique wild nature of the peninsula and the many monasteries that exist there for centuries. The scenery fits great with the way of living and the customs of the monks, who live in a climate of serenity and have abstracted everything materialistic from their lives, in order to follow the monastic life.

There are 20 monasteries and 13 coenobiums. They are all significant and have many precious religious items, such as books, codes, scripture pictures and golden and silver jewelry. The architecture is excellent. It was made at the Byzantine years and reflects the Greek orthodox religion.

If you cross the wild scene of Agion Oros you will meet beautiful and serene scenery. You may walk on narrow paths parallel to the coast or through forests. You can feel the aroma and harmony of this holy place. Picturesque small bridges and castles will lead you to the monasteries, where you may stay for a few days in a special, astounding atmosphere.

If you want to visit Agion Oros you must be adult man and have access, which allow you to travel and stay at the peninsula for 4 to 15 days. If you want to stay at one of the monasteries you should be in touch with the opposite of the monastery and make a reservation a few weeks before, because only 15 visitors may stay at Agion Oros per day.

If you desire a different residence you may visit Ouranoupoli, a small city on the north part of the peninsula. It is a quite touristic place compared to the rest villages of Agion Oros and offers many hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, which will help you organize your vacation near the fabulous and clean beach of Ouranoupoli.

An excursion and visit at Agion Oros is not similar to any other at any place of Greece. The days you will spend at Agion Oros will give you unique experience, because this is a unique part of the world that has hidden secrets and treasures in its heart. It is a challenge for you to discover them and keep them deep in your heart.